Background and Development

DLC was established in October 2002 by Frederik Johannes de Lange (CEO). The company had a humble beginning but fast became one of the leading privately owned Town-Planning consultancies in Pretoria.

As the company and related services grew, Henk Humphries joined the company in 2009 as MD. The directors of DLC had a vision of what they want to achieve one day through imagination, determination and hard work. Successful businesses may be different in shape, size, style and intention, but the one thing they have in common is the reason for their success. Experience has proved this to the owners' visions and their passion in realizing it.

The Company took on different guises reflecting growth in expertise and leadership, progressing from a consultancy that rendered mainly Project Management services only to a consultancy that specializes in town-planning services, telecommunication 'turn-key solutions', Environmental consultancy, Urban Design, drafting and related services.

DLC Group is the main administrative company and DLC Town Plan, DLC Telecom, DLC Environment, DLC Property and DLC Africa were established as individual companies, with modern technology that belongs closer to the future than the present.

"Whatever can be measured can be managed"

We recruit globally and offer a wide range of services. Our unique blend of technology and service delivery allows us to meet the demand for experienced and skilled resources.

Key areas that constitute our services are:

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