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Telecommunications Turn-key is a DLC Telecom specialty.

A turn-key or a turn-key project is a type of project that is constructed by a developer and sold or turned over to a buyer in a ready-to-use condition.

Our team is made up of both experienced telecom professionals who understand each aspect of the site acquisition process. We are Equipped with deep technical knowledge and experience in all telecommunication facets. DLC Telecom is well positioned to acquire reliable wireless telecommunication sites within the requested timeline. With unsurpassed sourcing expertise and negotiating skills, partnering with DLC Telecom means partnering for success!

We have successfully dealt with Telecommunication 'turn-key' solutions, Site Acquisition as well as Town Planning and Building Plan requirements for a wide range of customers. Whether your priority is a very quick network launch or a massive site roll out, share sites or rooftop equipment, we have the experience to meet your needs.

DLC Telecom is an information, communication and technology-consulting firm providing high-level expertise in turnkey projects including optimization and rollout services. Our objective is to help our numerous customers achieve and surpass their goals. DLC Telecom is a South African company with a world-class approach to each client's needs. The customers, consultants and staff are the driving force behind our company.

Our staff and consultants consist of individuals with extensive knowledge, practical experience and a proven track record within the information, communication and telecommunication industry. With the depth of 22 years collective expertise, skills and resources embodied in the consultancy, we have the capability to successfully undertake - from inception to final delivery - the Town Planning and project management aspects of any venture, from large sophisticated multi-disciplinary programs to small community projects.

Our Turnkey solution passes the responsibility for your project to us. Our highly skilled project personnel manage and minimize any risks, while our project tools have been developed and tested extensively in many projects. You can monitor progress online at any time. All our global experience is channeled through our local project organization to minimize possible risks. Our professional team gets the best out of the equipment and delivers the highest-quality product on every time. DLC Telecom performs due diligence and accountability in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Site Acquisitioning and leasing
  • Telecom Turn Key

These elements enable you to plan, design, build, roll-out and launch your network on time at the required target quality. Services have expanded, resulting in a comprehensive capability of delivering services, not only in Gauteng and in South Africa, but also in Africa and beyond. Clients range from individuals to large corporations and include private landowners and developers, local and regional governments, mining and industrial sectors.

Our Site Acquisition Service for networks provides site searching; site leasing and permit handling, synchronized with overall project rollout. We have the experience and skills to find suitable sites for all your requirements. Professional site acquisition speeds up the deployment process while decreasing your risks.

It provides the essential resources, tools and capability to acquire sites in line with your rollout targets. The service ensures the cost-effective and environmentally sustainable acquisition of sites required for the network.

Rapid rollout and launch of networks is achieved through an integrated approach including single and mass site acquisition, tailored to your needs. Our local, regional and global presence enables efficient site acquisition, management and delivery. Our long experience and extensive resources enable us to ramp up and rollout site acquisition in the shortest possible time, anywhere in the world, our Site Acquisition Service has the mindset and ability to make a difference to your business.

Within the consultancy our Company provides the following Telecommunication skills, services rendered and Turn Key solutions which include:
Telecommunication "Turn Key" Solutions:

  • Project Management: Project Tracking and Reporting
  • Site Acquisitioning: Site Acquisition requires a professional approach while working with landowners and governmental agencies. We are prepared to conduct these services with speed and efficiency.
  • Search Ring Analysis: Drawing on our global telecommunication reach and strong site acquisition expertise, we ensure that the right site is secured in the shortest possible time, saving time, effort and money. Locate an acceptable site location while working with the relevant RF engineer.
  • Lease Negotiating: New lease Negotiations, Lease Renewals and Mobile Sites. Our telecom site lease negotiation process addresses a bevy of clauses and requirements pertaining to wireless telecommunication leases. Our expert site acquisition agents cut through these complexities to ensure smooth lease negotiations and securing the best lease rates possible. We understand how much lease rates affect your business's bottom line. That is why we work to guarantee you the most cost-effective lease possible. After the cell tower or rooftop lease has been executed and signed, the process of acquiring local site plan permits and meeting zoning regulations follows.
  • Local Authority Approval: Our skills are well versed in the local and national regulations tied to telecom networks and land use. We conduct negotiations and facilitate site plan approval processes with municipalities, and other local and governmental agencies to clear the path for your wireless deployment.

Obtain the local governmental approvals as required by the location such as;

  • Rezoning in terms of Section 56 of the Town-Planning and Townships Ordinance (Ordinance 15 of 1986).
  • Rezoning in terms of any other legislation.
  • Consent Use Applications in terms of the applicable Town-Planning Schemes.
  • Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions in terms of the Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Act (Act 3 of 1996) if needed.
  • Applications for Building Line Relaxation.
  • Civil Aviation Approval: Submission to CAA for the approval from Civil Aviation.
  • Drawings: Our professional Drawing Office, Drawings for submittal to the local Authority is drawn to the highest of standards.
  • Building Plan Permit: Submission to the relevant authorities and follow-up for approvals Applications for Building Plan Approvals according to the Telecommunication requirements.
  • Environmental Approvals: Environmental Approvals / Listed Enquiries.

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