Case Study - Kiswishi

New Town in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • This site is situated approximately 20km north of the city centre and 10km north of Luano International Airport. The long-term intention is to develop a total area of over 4000ha although the immediate focus will be on the primary development area that covers approximately 1400ha.

Lubumbashi Geniland New Town : Location


Lubumbashi : Geniland New Town Masterplan.


The development is focused on the creation of sustainable neighbourhoods that are attractive, safe and convenient places for people to live in while integrating the area with other parts of the region through efficient and affordable movement systems. This in turn will facilitate economic development linked to the regional economy and movement systems. The protection and enhancement of environmentally sensitive areas also enjoyed high priority during the master and detailed planning of this new town.

Lubumbashi : Geniland New Town – Environmentally sensitive areas.


The development will result in the creation of a new development hub with high quality international investment opportunities in the Lubumbashi area.



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