Case Study - Tatu City

Built with Passion. Powered by Vision.

  • Tatu City is a new city located within the Greater Nairobi - a dynamic mixed-use environment that will be home to an estimated 62,000 residents who will have the opportunity to live-work-play within their community; as well as 23000 day visitors.
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  • The growth potential and spending power of Tatu City represents an unprecedented investment opportunity for all Kenyans. What distinguishes Tatu City from all previous developments is the degree of planning that has gone into its creation. The quality and professionalism of the companies involved is of the highest standard.

This is an investment guaranteed to deliver inestimable returns for investors and for Kenya.

The vision for Tatu City is the creation of a world-class, mixed-use new city, located within Greater Nairobi – East Africa's new economic hub.

The site of the proposed development is over 1000 hectares in size.

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"Part of the land to be developed is currently a producing coffee farm and coffee production will continue during development of Tatu City. In fact the 'planners' have insisted on maintaining respect for the coffee farming heritage as evidenced in the attention shown to the environment planning and design."

The development will result in the creation of a new decentralized focus area to the north of Nairobi; in line with the Nairobi authority's planned creation of decentralized development areas to alleviate the congestion within Nairobi.

Tatu City will be a planned community focused on the work-live-play concept - providing a comprehensive mix of land uses to cater for all the needs of its residents and visitors. This will include residential developments, retail, commercial, tourism, social facilities and recreation.


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