Case Study - Kings City & Kpone-Apolonia

New Town in Ghana.  Planning for the People by the People.

  • King's City will be developed close to Sekondi-Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. This is one of the most economically active regions in Ghana with Sekondi-Takoradi as its capital and economic hub. The importance and attractiveness of the area both on a national and international scale has increased recently with the discovery of oil off the Western Region's coastline.
  • This has created a new unprecedented demand for residential, office, light industrial, warehousing, retail and hospitality facilities.


The intended development has been planned in response to this demand and will assist the authorities to address at least some of the current developmental needs within the metropolitan area and sustaining the well-being of the community.


It will be of a mixed-use nature including at least a new urban centre, residential neighbourhoods and a light industrial and/or warehousing area.

Public consultation and the involvement of local farmers and residents was key to the successful completion of the master plan and more detailed plans for specific precincts within this development area of more than 1000ha. Our approach of planning for the people by involving everyone from the outset was therefore very important.

Live work and play.

The Kpone-Apolonia New Town is located between the towns of Oyibi and Apolonia, north-east of Accra, the capital of Ghana.

Kpone-Apolonia New Town: Location


The planning area is 941 ha in extent and forms part of the Apolonia stool land. Accra is one of the fastest growing urban areas in Africa with a continuous demand for new development and infrastructure, in particular a demand for housing. This demand is expected to increase with the economic growth resulting from the oil discoveries in the Gulf of Guinea off the southern coast of Ghana.

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This new town will be a new sustainable, mixed-use town centred around the concept of work-live-play; providing a comprehensive mix of land uses to cater for all the needs of its residents and visitors. This includes residential developments, retail, commercial, tourism, social facilities and recreation.

Kpone-Apolonia New Town : Location witin Structure Plan.


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