DLC Africa

DLC Africa and DLC Town Plan organized alignment of skills and experience that allows DLC to offer a full spectrum of specialists in Town Planning, Urban Design and appropriate to each client's individual situation and unique needs. DLC Africa offers effective investigative capability, and delivers superior strategy formulation and operational results to business, government and NGO clients.

DLC's emphasis on Town Planning (in its broadest sense) combined with the wide range of skills offered through its network of core members and associates delivers comprehensive consulting and management services tailored to the specific needs of African Countries.

The implementation of organizational strategy takes place through major efforts like infrastructure upgrades, product and or service launches, mergers and acquisitions. Focused, knowledgeable, empowered teams can produce significant, organization-transforming results.

To successfully deliver a project in the contemporary organizational context, the Project Management mindset must shift from planning and control to facilitating the planning and controlling processes.

Our project coaching and facilitation services assist cross-functional project teams to reach their milestones quickly, intelligently and with the tangible results needed to move forward.

Our deliverable-based work sessions enable cross-functional project teams to quickly and effectively produce the outputs required in each phase of the project lifecycle. All our work sessions are customized through front-end collaboration with our client to ensure fit with the specific requirement and deliverable alignment with internal project management methodologies and best practices.

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